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TopPharm is a franchise  of retail pharmacies in the Western Cape, linked to the Norpharm Group. 


Our pharmacies offer monthly promotions where you get more for less, including original name brand products.

Agera Health

Agera Health is pharmaceutical and health supplement company that was started and joined the Norpharm group in 2018. Agera Health specialises in the health supplement, medical device and dermatologic markets.

The brand offers a range of innovative health care products that is on par with the latest health trends and research.

The following is part of the home test kit range, available online.

The health supplement range has a wide range of products with range extension possibilities on all lines.

The health supplement range is branded as the “Lift Health Range” and is currently being manufactured in Paarl, Western Cape.

Agera Health has built a strategic partnership with a Greek dermatological manufacturer and has developed a range of dermatologic products which can be sold in pharmacies, FMCG retails stores, hair salons and spa’s.